EWBO Design is currently working on a redesign of two sites. The client is a radio personality that hosts two nationally syndecated shows. One show is a DIY home improvement show geared primarily towards females called Ask Andrea. The other show is called Energize Green, and it focuses on environmentally sound energy saving practices at home. This is an exciting opportunity for future leads and portfolio material. One site is on its way to finished land, while the other design is almost done. I can’t wait to finish and as soon as we do, I will post links to the sites. Until then wish us the best.


Blogging is an interesting experience. I’m writing these opinions about design and things about my life thinking maybe someone will care or read about it. I don’t know if anyone will. I could be wasting time on the computer when I could be doing something more productive. I could do that, but on the other hand, what if someone influential is following my thoughts. What if someone thinks my opinions are interesting and intelligent. What if someone appreciates my thoughts so much that they want to meet me, or hire me, or network with me. This possibility is good enough motivation to at least update this thing every once in a while. I don’t feel this outlet is an end all be all as far as opportunities go, but I do beleive that there is some benefit to displaying your thoughts and opinions online in this fashion. The possible discovery by someone influential is enough for me to say that yeah I like blogging, but it definitly isn’t the best and easiest way to go about doing what I personally am using this blog for, which is expressing my design opinions hoping someone influential will find them interesting.

and that certain someone is rollerblading. I’ve been rollerblading, aggressive inlining, rolling, aggressive skating, whatever you want to call it for about 8 years. About a month ago, I started feeling like I was slowing down, possibly because of sleeping habits or possibly because of something else. Anyway, I felt stuck, like I had reached a plateau that was difficult to escape. That is until my friend gave me some small boot versions of my current skate brand preference, I usually used the large boot. With these small ones I suddenly feel quick and nimble and it just feels so awesome! I want to tour skateparks again and I KNOW now I can escape this plateau. So this post is just about documenting this epiphany. Realizing that I can keep doing what I love, and expand on my skills. Just to make this post more interesting I will post my most recent youtube edit.

Here is a list of classes UTD should invest in for the ATEC or EMAC curriculum:

1. Typography – Why? Because to have a well rounded grasp on design, be it web, print, game, anything, you must have a grasp on typography. It’s important!

2. Adobe CS program specific classes (including advanced secondary classes)  – Why? Because it is an industry standard in all kinds of design, and for some reason UTD assumes students have an existing grasp on these skills, which most do not.

3. Web Language Specific classes – Why? Because students being told they can learn web design through ATEC are being taught java, which though may possibly be useful in a fairly indirect way, is not the same thing as learning HTML or CSS. These would be much more useful to students investing in the ATEC degree and wanting to learn web design.

FYI: The links might not work for reasons that are unknown to me. The sites exist so if the links don’t work just copy and paste.

So a few posts ago I mentioned starting a web and branding design company. Progress has been made! We now have a domain name, and are on-line officially. We even have a test server for our customers to visualize their sites before launch. If you guys visit www.ewbodesign.com you will see an under construction message, because we are currently working on the site itself (almost done actually). So far the site is, in my opinion, a beautiful work of simple flash animated design, but maybe I have a bias. lol Anyway, it looks as though we are on our way to legitimacy. Now all we need is a customer. You guys can check out our very first design at www.recyclerevolutiondallas.com. If any of you or anyone you know need/needs a website and/or brand and/or identity designed, let us know. You can reach me at phelan.wes@ewbodesign.com. I can’t wait for our site launch! Yeah! I’ll def. announce it on here.

Disappointing, but expected. I received a few texts of sadness, and a few texts of happiness. I got a phone call from my father expressing more sadness. I got a text from my black friend nwafulobi and the only reason I mention her race is because the mention said, “all white people report to the cotton fields for orientation”. I found this hilarious, cuz shes hilarious. The day after, I read an article where some black residents of Atlanta said they could now aspire to become the president, implying they couldn’t before. That my friends is a sad thing, ANYBODY can aspire to do ANYTHING in this country. Since the civil rights movement ANYONE COULD and ANYONE CAN. All it takes is hard work and dedication which unfortunately most don’t want to exert. Bleh anyway, the day of, I watched a little TV and got sad. Got on the Internet and got sad. Then I decided with the help of my GF to just deal and get ready for what the new president has in store for us. Hopefully nothing, because he now knows the secrets of our country and realizes his ideas are crazy.


Ju Roku – Who I Voted For

November 10, 2008

I voted for McCain. Why? Because Obama’s plan to “redistribute wealth” is ridiculous. Yeah, that’s a good idea lets punish the rich, the people who worked for their position and have the highest ability to create jobs. I’ve heard people say well they are taxed less than the middle class. That my friends is bull. Let me show you the 2008 tax rates directly from the IRS website.

Single Filing Status

(Tax Rate Schedule X)

  • 10% on income between $0 and $8,025
  • 15% on the income between $8,025 and $32,550; plus $802.50
  • 25% on the income between $32,550 and $78,850; plus $4,481.25
  • 28% on the income between $78,850 and $164,550; plus $16,056.25
  • 33% on the income between $164,550 and $357,700; plus $40,052.25
  • 35% on the income over $357,700; plus $103,791.75

Married Filing Jointly or Qualifying Widow(er) Filing Status

(Tax Rate Schedule Y-1)

  • 10% on the income between $0 and $16,050
  • 15% on the income between $16,050 and $65,100; plus $1,605.00
  • 25% on the income between $65,100 and $131,450; plus $8,962.50
  • 28% on the income between $131,450 and $200,300; plus $25,550.00
  • 33% on the income between $200,300 and $357,700; plus $44,828.00
  • 35% on the income over $357,700; plus $96,770.00

Married Filing Separately Filing Status

(Tax Rate Schedule Y-2)

  • 10% on the income between $0 and $8,025
  • 15% on the income between $8,025 and $32,550; plus $802.50
  • 25% on the income between $32,550 and $65,725; plus $4,481.25
  • 28% on the income between $65,725 and $100,150; plus $12,775.00
  • 33% on the income between $100,150 and $178,850; plus $22,414.00
  • 35% on the income over $178,850; plus $48,385.00

Head of Household Filing Status

(Tax Rate Schedule Z)

  • 10% on the income between $0 and $11,450
  • 15% on the income between $11,450 and $43,650; plus $1,145.00
  • 25% on the income between $43,650 and $112,650; plus $5,975.00
  • 28% on the income between $112,650 and $182,400; plus $23,225.00
  • 33% on the income between $182,400 and $357,700; plus $42,755.00
  • 35% on the income over $357,700; plus $100,604.00

They are already taxed more. Why do we need to take more of their EARNED money. I say again EARNED money.Yes, there are poor people, but these people CAN WORK TO EARN more money. If an illegal immigrant can get a job here, a homeless person CAN as well. Yes, the economy is in a down turn, and SOME middle class people are spending less (my family is not one of them), but many of these people losing their homes or losing money because they have made bad decisions and are reaping what they sew. It may be sad, but it’s called responsibility. Along with all this, an increase in taxes for the wealthy would make it harder for people like me who are trying to become wealthy to actually get there. AWESOME! Also, I’ve heard that we SHOULD be taxed more as a solution to the downed economy. How does that make any sense at all. Yeah, lets take more money from people who are supposedly spending less. Anyway by this time, all of this is a moot point because the American people have chosen. Most people chose for “hope” or “change” whatever the hell those words mean for a presidency, so we will see if the man of “change” will be able to do anything he has claimed he is going to do. (Lord I hope not) Thankfully, it looks as though he’s realizing he can’t be so leftist to succeed. He’s gotta move a little to the right. Bleh ignorance. Well in any case we all have to live with this, so lets get to living, and working hard cuz that’s what this country encourages and SHOULD reward. Bleh politics makes my brain want to melt through my various facial orifices.

So it’s come to my attention that there are alot of opportunities on the web for designers to submit their design ideas for various products. I am trying to find time to be a part of these contests. I really really want to, so as soon as I am finished with my various assignments at school and work I am so going to PARTICIPATE! In the meantime I will give all of you a fighting chance to win money, and the publishing of your work.





(I mean I’m still hoping I win, but also good luck.)

So my friend and I are talking about starting a web design and development/branding and identity design solutions company. I would be doing most of the designing, and he would be doing the development and programming. I think it would be an interesting, and possibly lucrative endeavour. It would be a nice supplement to my income right now, and it would give me good solid experience in dealing with customers and different design problems. The only issue we are running into is figuring out how to get our name out there without using gobs of money on advertising. Would we just hand out our business cards to everyone we see and hope they all own a small business and need web or branding solutions? I don’t know. That seems like a silly way to do things, but it would be free. lol We could attend new small business owner meetings, but would these new small business owners have the money for our services? Perhaps. In any case the name we have decided on thus far for our business is EWBO “Creative Solutions Duo”. EWBO stands for Everything Will Be Ok. I thought this would be a kool kind of trademark for us. If your small business needs web or branding design solutions, we can give you those solutions and Everything Will Be Ok. I thought it would be kind of a comfort to people we are working with. The logo is pretty much done and we have a site concept as well. I will post the site concept (which has the logo) under all of this. If any of you people out there can think of a good cheap or free way of getting our name out to small businesses please let me know. It would be endlessly appreciated.

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